Specialised Range of Services
isaac offers specialised services for complex systems in the following areas:
  IT Governance
  Information Technology Governance, IT Governance or ICT (Information & Communications Technology) Governance, is a subset discipline of Corporate Governance focused on information technology (IT) systems and their performance and risk management. IT Governance is the leadership and organizational structures and processes that ensure that the organization’s IT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives.

isaac consultants have a wide experience in implementing the IT Governance framework in the banking (large and small) and manufacturing sectors. Our clients have derived great benefits from the tailor-mode framework developed and implemented for them.
  Data Centre Establishment and Security Governance Consultancy / Audit
  isaac’s Data Centre establishment services comprise of an extensive set of processes, resulting in a clear roadmap to transform a Data Center into an efficient, risk averse, lean and agile service-driven environment that establishes IT Operation as a strategic business driver and a competitive weapon. Designing enterprise Data Centre architecture with its unique security requirements, implementing the same and its governance, while balancing risk with returns, is a challenge which isaac addresses with a comprehensive structure of relationships and processes.

isaac provides audit services for Data Centre which involve evaluation of controls for physical and environmental security, power requirements, logical access controls, backup and business continuity plans.
  Payment Switch Operations and Infrastructure
  With a view to providing better customer service, banks are deploying ATMs in large numbers and allowing customers of other banks, with whom they have reciprocal arrangements, to access these ATMs. Banks and Financial Institutions use a “Switch” to control transactions through ATM cards, Debit Cards etc.

The basic function of the “Switch” is to interact with the front end terminal device on one hand and interface with the Bank’s host system on the other to provide a 24x7 operation. Stand-alone processing capability being added to the basic functionality of the Switch increases its complexity. Therefore, the proper functioning of the Switch and its security becomes vital.
Moreover the convenience of using other bank’s ATMs raises a concern about the efficiency and effectiveness of the bank’s operational procedures.

isaac has designed specialized control requirements considering the important role of the “Switch” in the network involving electronic funds transfers. These controls take into consideration all regulatory and compliance requirements. Our audit in the areas of Switch technology, other underlying IT infrastructure and the operational procedures provides assurance on the efficiency and security to the management and the IT Department.
  21 CFR Part11 and HIPAA
  Pharmaceutical and the health care industry, in India, have had to follow 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA or similar laws / regulations laid down in the U.S.A. and other countries with whom they intend to do business. Violations of these laws / regulations are accompanied by severe penalties and / or restrictions on doing business in these countries.

isaac provides services in the audit of these requirements in the areas of software and processes validation, security and privacy of information, and operational practices. Our services provide an assurance on the compliance requirements with these laws / regulations.

isaac provides audit services which assures the companies regarding being compliant with these laws / regulations
  Demat Operations and Infrastructure
  Banks and financial institutions, because of the close proximity with the customers, are playing a major role in securities trading as Depository Participant (DP). The DPs have implemented operational processes and state-of-the-art solutions for securities trading. However, their operations will become challenging and time-critical in the T+1 settlement scenario.

isaac provides audit services in the areas of network security, effectiveness and efficiency of the application and the operational procedures to provide assurance to the Bank and their customers.
  Payment Gateway
  Banks are providing a payment gateway, an e-commerce service for e-businesses. Typically, the gateway is an interface to the Bank’s host system and provides 24x7 operations, with stand-in processing where required. Such access to the gateway, through the Internet, is fraught with risk due to the vulnerabilities of Internet communication and inadequate controls in session management.

isaac has considerable experience in the audit of Payment Gateway as per PCI DSS guidelines. Our audit assures security of the IT infrastructure on either side of the gateway.
  Mobile Applications
  Auditing Mobile Applications is an area that has a variety of challenges due to unique features of mobile devices, limited bandwidth, unreliability of wireless networks, as well as changing context. This is an rapidly emerging domain and hence got significance in the world of Mobile Software Testing and development also.

isaac consultants have gained experience in this field by auditing Mobile Banking application and providing assistance to a Mobile Application development company to incorporate controls within the application.
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